Our motive is to bring the best handmade and hand-knotted rugs, carpets, cushion covers, and leather bags at the customer’s door. And we also provide manufacturing services to our customers in oriental, vintage, Moroccan, and modern e.g. Berber, Kilim, Gabbeh, and Bokhara. Scroll to about us page for more.

The company is also engaged in Cowhide leather and Textile. So this is part of our expansion plan. A specialized team can carry out all activities from design to manufacturing. So the finished product is shipped to any customer location in the world. We bring comfort and style at home by manufacturing hand-knotted rugs, pouf covers, cushion covers and much more in hand made stuff.

We improve our customer’s profitability. Because we value our customers by enabling them to be reliable to fulfill their demanding needs whether it is quality or time to delivery. But no compromise on quality and time to deliver!

Please visit our about us page if you want to know our company’s products and services. From design to craftsmanship, to your doorstep, we create every Rugs product with your needs in mind.

Fybernots is on a mission to make decorating easy and affordable by providing our customers with high-quality products.